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Thread vein removal

Nick Simon is the practice specialist in facial thread veins removal, treating patients using the V-Beauty machine.

Facial thread veins can be cosmetically unsightly and commonly affect the nose, cheeks and chin. They may be inherited or caused by pregnancy, excessive heat ( photo damage ) or a knock. 55% of women between 20 and 70 years complain about the appearance of thread veins on aesthetic grounds.

The solution

V-Beauty uses a technique known as thermo coagulation which treats facial thread-veins and spider naevi instantly, in total safety, with no risk of bruising, scarring or pigmentation.

It's miraculous! The veins across my nose were unsightly and embarrassing . I could never have imagined that a trip to the dentist would offer such benefit to me. I have a brand new nose and I'm truly delighted.

Mr P.Butler, Ealing.

Thread vein removal