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Nervous patients

We understand that many people are nervous about receiving dental treatment and nervous patients are most welcome and catered for. We make every effort to provide a relaxed and friendly environment and offer gentle, quality dentistry.

During your treatment you can watch television or bring along an ipod and listen to music.

We can provide oral anxiety reducing drugs.

Sedation helps to the patient to relax and feel calm before and during treatment .You may feel a little drowsy, but you will not lose consciousness and will still be able to cooperate with the dentist. It can take a little time for the effects to wear off following the use of sedation and so it’s best if you can bring a friend or family member to escort you home.

Many people are so anxious that they won't visit a dentist. But, please, do not suffer in silence. We can help you to overcome your fears and calm your nerves.

As a very nervous patient I was apprehensive and worried about my appointment. Dr Indy Rai was amazingly reassuring and kind. I have booked another appointment and feel very happy that I've found such a nice dentist.