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Fees and payment options

Once you have seen your dental surgeon and before the treatment starts, you will be given a Treatment Plan.

Rather than wait until the end of your treatment, we would like you to pay for each appointment as you go along. This allows you to check the cost as you go and prevents a big bill being run up.

New Patient Examination

Exam, consultation to include all necessary radiographs £80.00

Existing Patients Examinations

Routine examination £40.00
Routine examination + 2 small radiographs £53.00
Routine examination +2 small radiographs + panoral scan £65.00


Small radiographs £12.00 each
Panoral scan £65.00

Hygienist Appointments

40-minute appointment £85.00
Oraquix anaesthetic for under the gum £10.00 per session
Antibiotics applied under gums £22.00 per visit
Local anaesthetic for root planing £20.00 per visit

Bundled Options for Discounts

We welcome and encourage our existing and regular patients, so we are pleased to offer these discounted bundles when booked for the same day (Existing and regular patients only)

Exam + hygienist 40min £115.00
Exam + 2 small radiographs + hygienist 40min £128.00


White composite fillings From £130.00

Root canal treatment

1½ hour appointment From £450.00 – £595.00

Tooth Whitening

Enlighten Evolution whitening From £350.00
Home bleaching gel refill kit £45.00

Wrinkle Relaxation Treatment

Per treatment £300.00

Dermal Fillers

1 syringe £240.00
2 syringe £450.00
3 syringe £600.00
Thereafter, per syringe £175.00

Orthodontic Treatments

Invisalign From £3000.00
Six Month Braces From £2200.00
Essix Retainer £105 per retainer


Single tooth replacement, implant and crown.
This does not include any temporary tooth replacement before final placement.
From £2700.00

Crowns/Bridge/Veneers & Inlays

Crown/veneer/inlay From £640.00
Implant crown From £1200.00
Bridge per unit From £590.00
Post & core reinforcement From £100.00

Prosthetics (denture)

Full upper & lower acrylic dentures From £1190.00
Full upper OR lower acrylic dentures From £595.00
Partial acrylic denture From £595.00
Partial chrome cobalt denture From £900.00
Addition of 1 tooth to existing denture + simple extraction From £150.00

Fissure Sealants

Fissure sealants £80.00

Myohealth™ clenching inhibitor

M.C.I. £350.00

Mandibular repositioning antisnoring appliance

Mandibular repositioning antisnoring appliance £500.00

Sports mouth guard

Mouth guard £90.00

Surgical treatment

Simple extractions From £120.00
Complex extractions From £180.00


Antibiotics £15.00

Three year limited warranty

A dentist cannot sincerely predict how long his dentistry will last beyond the number of years he has been in practice.

As we are dealing with human beings, biological tissue and ceramics we cannot guarantee the duration of a restoration or prosthesis in a patient's mouth. We can only offer predictions based on 25 years of practice experience and epidemiological studies.

We appreciate the investment that you are making in your treatment and the risk you are taking in selecting a particular dentist.

Inevitably, a certain percentage of restorations will break for a variety of reasons, some biomechanical others through carelessness or accident. We feel that it is unfair to expect our patient to bear the risk exclusively. We provides a three year limited warranty on our dentistry based upon our patient's commitment to maintain six-monthly recalls and oral hygiene appointments

Intitial consultation

Staff are friendly and reassuring, the care is professional and the fees are reasonable. I no longer dread going to the dentist and almost look forward to my visits!